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February 9, 2010: Why a People’s Convention?

9 February 2010 | 208 Comments » | pablo

1.  It’s been 70-odd years since we’ve had one (last one 1938); prior to that NYS citizens held one about every 40 years

2.  Taxation without representation (unless your elected official is in or totally supportive of the leadership he/she can’t get bills out of committee)

3.  Taxation without representation (partisan gerrymandering stymies competition and favors incumbents)

4.  Taxation without representation (the people do not have the right of initiative, that is, bringing proposed laws or constitutional amendments to general election) Continue Reading

January 21: Whine Flu?

21 January 2010 | 294 Comments » | pablo

Guv’s ‘10-’11 budget?  Realistically, not bad considering that no Democratic leader will promote lower spending.  But the already crushed taxpayers must be protected by an immediate 2010-11 property tax cap.  Otherwise schools will simply pass on their “losses” to property owners.  Talk about a regressive tax!   Neighbors are leaving the state over this.

Let schools whine over their 5% budget cut.  They’re holding $1.5 billion in undesignated thus mostly illegal reserves according to Comptroller DiNapoli.  Let them whine.  Just don’t let them increase taxes.  A levy increase cap of 2% or the CPI, whichever is lower, seems about right for’10-11.  (Note:  I was a school board member for 13 years.)

Enjoy your day.  Paul