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January 25: Chutes & ladders

25 January 2010 | 326 Comments » | pablo

Behold the wailing about the Guv’s ‘10-’11 budget that calls for a less than 1% increase.  Every special interest is revving up its whine.  Brace your ears for the caterwauling!

Get over it, kids.  Everyone spent too much in the Big Run-Up that preceded the Great Recession.  The bubbleized U.S. economy got overheated.  Flush and greedy, we spent our home equity money and pseudo stock profits on cruises, condo’s, and more stocks, bonds, and gold.  Federal and state governments and authorities dramatically overspent the seemingly infinite tsunamis of taxes pouring in from banks and brokerages. Continue Reading

January 23: Guv should channel JFK

23 January 2010 | 225 Comments » | pablo

Guv Paterson touts his new Excelsior Jobs Program as the “most innovative” in state history.  Its goal is to ”create” jobs in high tech and clean energy jobs.  No argument so far (except that we need a massive number and diversity of jobs to employ about 1 million New Yorkers who want to work; hey, not everyone is a rocket scientist).  But he could certainly use more innovative, energizing language to excite public and entreprenurial imagination.  Continue Reading

December 31: The Populist Guv

31 December 2009 | 1 Comment » | pablo

It will take a lot for it to be a happy year for New York State.  We remain mired in feckless ineptitude.  The governor is finally showing some unilateral guts, taking on schools and unions to their venemous disgust.  It is fascinating to watch him morph toward common sense now that he occupies the governor’s mansion and the buck stops–sort of–with him.  Perhaps he has been underestimated by everyone, even his president and his party.  Continue Reading