January 27: November looms

27 January 2010 | 260 Comments » | pablo

Various people, media outlets and groups have proposed respectable ways out of our current state governance woes.  To recap potential solutions:

  1. Term limits & ethics reform (You’re kidding me, right?  These Albany guys aren’t going to censure themselves.)
  2. Vote in new representatives (Even if a host of incumbents get beat it probably won’t change the leadership.)
  3. Vote out the legislative leaders (Will the new partisan leaders be any better?  We can’t vote out partisanship.)
  4. Build a strong 3rd party (Longggggggg fuse but a great idea to create decisive swing vote scenarios)
  5. Win the right of voter initiative & referendum (Gotta go through the legislature for this one; not going to happen.)
  6. Win an early constitutional convention (The only reasonable citizen opportunity for reform short of waiting for #7 below.)
  7. Wait for 2017 and convince voters to approve a constitutional convention (Hopefully with wise results that voters approve.)

Our cultural druthers is to pin hopes on a new, charismatic leader.  I call it the “Lincoln syndrome.”  (Obama’s election may be a case in point.)  We pine for heroic, even mythical figures.   But these are in short supply, often unreliable, human after the brief political honeymoon period, and generally recognizable only in retrospect in the long lens of history.  I just don’t see Andrew Cuomo or Rudy Guliani as the hero who will succeed in obtaining for citizens helpful reforms.

It’s New York State.  It’s today.   The entrenched governance problems are too big for even a hero to defeat.  Even FDR would fail in today’s arena. 

It’s going to take all the people to force reforms.  The mob.  Or, more kindly, the silent majority.  Only #6 and #7 enjoy any likelihood of happening.  Therefore I am as of today turning this blog’s mission and and my marketing energies, as meager and limited as they may be, toward galvanzing the people behind a People’s Convention, where the people can win necessary political reforms.

Weigh in.  Please.  What do you think?  Let’s start the conversation.  November 2010 looms.