January 23: Guv should channel JFK

23 January 2010 | 225 Comments » | pablo

Guv Paterson touts his new Excelsior Jobs Program as the “most innovative” in state history.  Its goal is to ”create” jobs in high tech and clean energy jobs.  No argument so far (except that we need a massive number and diversity of jobs to employ about 1 million New Yorkers who want to work; hey, not everyone is a rocket scientist).  But he could certainly use more innovative, energizing language to excite public and entreprenurial imagination. 

JFK put a man on the moon just by saying it.  His words focused and compelled national efforts and attracted brains and capital.   Guv, listen up.  Our electric power runs about 25% above national average rates (the Public Policy Institute of NYS says we rank 8th highest).  Try this:  Within five years New York State will be the nation’s leader in clean energy with the most abundant, cheapest electric power and most sophisticated grid in the land.”

We’ve got the wind, waterways, ocean waves, natural gas, and geothermal resources, and attractive nuclear sites, to fuel this vision.  We could achieve this goal.  What’s lacking is determination.  Commitment.  Guts.  Boldness.

Bold language inspires more boldness.  Boldness inspires success.  Guv, time to channel JFK.   Talk bigger than our problems.

Enjoy your day.  Paul