January 21: Whine Flu?

21 January 2010 | 294 Comments » | pablo

Guv’s ‘10-’11 budget?  Realistically, not bad considering that no Democratic leader will promote lower spending.  But the already crushed taxpayers must be protected by an immediate 2010-11 property tax cap.  Otherwise schools will simply pass on their “losses” to property owners.  Talk about a regressive tax!   Neighbors are leaving the state over this.

Let schools whine over their 5% budget cut.  They’re holding $1.5 billion in undesignated thus mostly illegal reserves according to Comptroller DiNapoli.  Let them whine.  Just don’t let them increase taxes.  A levy increase cap of 2% or the CPI, whichever is lower, seems about right for’10-11.  (Note:  I was a school board member for 13 years.)

Enjoy your day.  Paul