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December 31: The Populist Guv

31 December 2009 | 1 Comment » | pablo

It will take a lot for it to be a happy year for New York State.  We remain mired in feckless ineptitude.  The governor is finally showing some unilateral guts, taking on schools and unions to their venemous disgust.  It is fascinating to watch him morph toward common sense now that he occupies the governor’s mansion and the buck stops–sort of–with him.  Perhaps he has been underestimated by everyone, even his president and his party.  Continue Reading

December 23rd: Plan for this blog

23 December 2009 | 187 Comments » | pablo

Getting set to roll with lots of great subjects and resources.  Saw coverage yesterday on (Assembly Minority Leader) Brian Kolb’s mission to force a “People’s Convention” before the next constitutionally appointed year–2017.  Brian is enthusiastic and is crafting a plan to make it happen.  Continue Reading

Hello. My name is Paul Hudson.

21 December 2009 | 2 Comments » | pablo
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Paul Hudson

I’m starting this NYS blog because my career has taught me how to use ideas and the media to change minds, and New York State could use a lot of changing right now.  I’m a seasoned businessman who took a marketing communications company from $3 million to $70 million in about 15 years.  Continue Reading